In Part One, we went over a few common problems that you may be dealing with your furnace. These issues consisted of hot air not coming out of the heating system or not enough air coming out, as well as the furnace not blowing air — are you noticing a theme? Many furnace issues that are common come down to the lack of production of heated air. While that might not seem like a huge deal right now at the beginning of September, in a month or two, you’ll be ready to cuddle under your blankets with your furnace running properly to provide comfort in your home. For this reason, it’s beneficial to take initiative now when it comes to furnace repair or replacement. At Air Repair, we can help you achieve a comfortable household all year round with our HVAC services.

More Problems You May Be Facing With Your Furnace

To continue where we left off in Part One, we’ll be covering three more major issues you may be experiencing with your furnace. When it comes to furnace repair or replacement, Air Repair has you covered. We offer HVAC services that will provide your home with comfort any time of the year. Keep in mind that even though you may want to repair your furnace yourself, that doesn’t always mean you should. While watching DIY videos on Youtube can be beneficial for some things, leave furnace repair and replacement to the professionals.

Noisy Furnace

A common issue you might not notice because you think it’s normal is a noisy furnace. A noisy furnace includes anything from rattles to squeaking. If you notice that your furnace is a little more vocal than it should be, then you may be experiencing some issues. For example, you may have a clogged burner, air flow reductions, or even a mechanical problem. However, sometimes, your furnace just runs loudly, especially if it’s older. If you notice that the din is due to the air running throughout the ductwork, then you may want to consider isolating the ductwork. You can also check the belts, burners, or adjust the blower motor with lubrication. If all of this is going over your head; however, then we recommend calling a professional at Air Repair.

Dust Is Clogging Your Furnace

Dust can habitually get into your furnace, which in small doses might not seem like a huge deal, but it can end up clogging your vents, which can do a lot of damage to your HVAC system. If your furnace has vents on the exterior of your home, then make sure that they aren’t covered. Nothing should be blocking the area. If there is screen mesh over the window screen, then you may want to replace it with a hardware cloth to help with the exhaust. However, if you notice the issue is still there even after clearing away the debris, then contact a professional to repair your furnace.

For more information about furnace repair, reach out to Air Repair today so we can help you have a toasty warm home this winter.