This is the best service we’ve ever received from any vendors in the HVAC industry. I would recommend the Air Repair team to anyone

Air Repair in Lisle is a great company. Our A/C unit was dead in this hot summer. Will did a thorough inspection and provided very detailed analysis on the problem. Tess called afterwards and explained why replacing the whole system would be the best solution and will save us our money in a long run. We did get a couple of estimates from other vendors and found Air Repair offered a reasonable price. More importantly, I got a better feeling talking to Tess than others. So we finally ended up with Air Repair, and I’m glad that we made the right choice.

Tess and her team took the job seriously and spent a lot of time finding the right size condenser that could fit through the inside roof hatch to lift up to the building’s roof instead of paying for a crane rental, which saved us many hundreds of dollars. They also took time to find an air handler that fit the small space of the cabinet inside the condo. Kelly and Will did a nice job installing the system while Tess kept me in the loop all the time and even helped me register the products online so that we can get a longer period of warranty. We really appreciate Air Repair’s excellent service and thorough work.

Juliet W. Lisle, IL