I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone in the area who needs work on their AC and I will absolutely call these guys if I need work on my furnace, too!

My AC was blowing “coolish” but definitely not cold air and, of course, it decided to do this at the same time DG got hit with 100+ degrees for several days in a row. The house hit 90 degrees and I was in definite need of help. Based mainly on the YELP reviews, I called Air Repair.

They were extremely responsive, fitting me into their already packed schedule. And, I cannot stress this enough, they are as honest as the day is long. Their good reputation is well-deserved. It would have been very easy for them (or anyone) to sell me a new unit for several thousand dollars (I knew mine was already old when I moved in 7 years ago) but they didn’t do that at all.

Their repair prices were very fair. I also had some questions for them post-appointment and Tess, called me back several times to answer my questions and to make sure I was happy with their work.

Jason L. Downers Grove, IL