There is a clanging, dripping, banging, or humming going on in your heating system — do you know what it means? You’ve probably experienced this a time or two previously with your heating system. You’re snuggling into your bed after a long day and you hear a strange banging sound in your heating system. You wonder if you should worry about the sound and call HVAC contractors, or if you should let it taper off. While you might not want to spend the money on HVAC contractors coming out to check out what’s going on, it might be in your best interest to call on Air Repair, so we can come to check out these strange sounds. We do commercial and residential heating around the Naperville area.

Strange Sounds From Your Heating System

So what do those noises coming from your heating system actually mean? Do you need to get out of that snuggly bed to call on our emergency services or can it wait until the morning? With our list of strange sounds, take the time to figure out what is going on in your heating system before an HVAC contractor comes out to your home.


If there’s a dripping sound coming from your heating system, then it could mean there’s a leak in your system. If there is a dripping sound, you should always call an HVAC contractor to fix it. To properly diagnose the problem, it’s essential that you call on a professional who can fix it and ensure that the pressure in your heating system doesn’t become too high or the leaking doesn’t continue.


The sound of kettling is the most common and the easiest problem to find a solution. The sound of kettling is similar to a kettle boiling and is something that a lot of people deal with. It’s caused by a buildup of sludge or a limescale in the heating system.


The next sound that you might be hearing in your HVAC system is a banging sound. A banging din occurs when water goes through some pipes and it begins to expand and contract because of the heat. In addition, your heating system may be making a banging noise because the pipes aren’t correctly fitted.


If you’re experiencing a humming noise in your heating system, then it could just be a normal operation. Yes, sometimes when your HVAC system kicks on, the humming means that it’s just doing its job to cool or heat your home. If the humming is louder though, it could mean there’s a problem in your heating system with one of the elements.


Next, if you experience a tapping in your heating system, then it could be because there’s a part of it that’s not fit properly. If you’ve had a part fitted recently or it’s been changed, then that might be what’s causing the tapping sound. Tapping can also mean an increase of limescale.

If your heating system is making a sound that we haven’t listed, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our HVAC contractors at Air Repair to see what all the noise is about.