It’s Illinois, so you know that you’re in for a real doozy of a winter. While you might be feeling okay now, you’ve probably already experienced a few days where you’re feeling less than stellar. With the winter season closing in on us and Thanksgiving already passed, you know that you’re bound to get sick at least at some point. Even if your immune system is fantastic, you know that the flu is going to hit you at some point. If you sit in an office all day long, then you’re probably blaming your sniffles and sneezing on a cold. If you work with children, then you know the reason you get sick is the spreading of germs. However, what if we told you that you might be getting sick because of the HVAC in your company or the one in your home?

Now, as HVAC contractors, we’re certainly not telling you to get rid of your HVAC system. We’re simply telling you that you might have to have your HVAC system cleaned out for dust that might be causing you to get sick or checked out to ensure that everything’s A-okay. At Air Repair, we pride ourselves on offering commercial and residential services from HVAC contractors who are experienced and well versed in the industry.

Signs Your HVAC Might Be Making You Sick

When it comes to indoor air quality, a person is more likely to contract a sickness due to the air being five times more polluted. In addition, being indoors can spread infections that are harmful and stagnant due to the recycled air. Breathing in air that’s been recycled can cause you to become ill since you’re breathing the same air as well as harmful pollutants and pathogens. However, you should also keep in mind that doesn’t mean every HVAC system is getting you sick. We compiled some signs that demonstrate you should have your heating system checked out this winter season. Keep in mind that some of these signs aren’t automatically linked to an HVAC system making you ill. After all, you might be getting sick from those little youngsters in your home or sitting in an office being around sick people day-after-day.

  • Increased blood pressure: If your home has different temperatures in each room, then it might be increasing your blood pressure. An increase in blood pressure could be also taking an effect on your blood supply pumping toward your heart. Some people could have a change of heart rhythm, angina, and heart attacks due to the differences in temperature in each room.
  • Colds: Do you have the sniffles all of the time? It might be the dry atmosphere in your office or your home. Due to dry atmospheres, your body might be becoming dehydrated and thus your nasal passages and your sinuses could be dried out. Dried out nasal passages can cause sinusitis. In addition, if your eyes are watering, it could also be a sign that the HVAC is drying your atmosphere out. Your eyes might be watering because of mucus, water, and oil in your eyes are evaporating.
  • Gaining Weight: Have you gained an exponential amount of weight recently? It could be your HVAC system. When your home is cold, it can cause you to gain weight because of the ‘brown fat’ in the body that helps to burn the calories. When your heat is too high, it can stop the ‘brown fat’ from burning.

The Solution

Call your local HVAC contractors to come take a look at your heating system!