When you turn on your heating system, you notice that it is making a little too much noise or it’s not heating your house at all. You also notice that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Do you call an HVAC contractor for these common problems? Maybe. There are some frequent heating system issues that a majority of people deal with in their furnace. As the winter weather approaches, it’s vital to start testing out your heating system to ensure that any problems are dealt with before the weather gets too cold and you are living in an uncomfortable environment. If you need any assistance with common problems in your heating system, then contact Air Repair.

Five Common Furnace Problems

If you’re dealing with some frequent issues, which we’ll go over below, then we’ll offer you some advice on how to fix these issues or at the very least let your HVAC contractor know what they are dealing with. If you notice that your heating system is acting a little off, then it’s imperative that you get it taken care of as soon as possible. These five simple furnace issues are frequent and by taking proactive measures, you’ll know how to prevent them.

Lack Of Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential for both your heating and AC system. Preventative maintenance will catch any nuisances before they become real issues. It is imperative that you get preventative maintenance done by an HVAC contractor because we’ll inspect your system and make sure everything is working okay. You should take advantage of preventive maintenance at least twice a year; prior to turning on the heating system and the AC in the springtime. By failing to do preventive maintenance once a year, you can be looking at spending more on repairs and looking at breakdown problems.

Filthy Filters

Dirty filters are a very common issue with furnace problems and the fix can be very easy. Dirty filters can clog the airflow and even reduce it, which makes it harder to circulate the air. In addition, a filthy filter can damage parts in the heating system such as the limit switch, which will damage the fan. The best way to avoid this from happening is to change and check the air filters consistently.

Normal Wear And Tear

Wear and tear on a heating system is normal, but it can also cause problems for the airflow. While most wear and tear might not seem like a huge issue, when it does occur, it can restrict the heat circulating through the house. Wear and tear can also create heat control issues and overheat your home. If you notice that your heating system looks a little worse for wear, then address the issue before your home becomes an uncomfortable environment.

Frequent Cycling

Cycling means that it’s switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ modes on the heating system. When the modes on your heating system begin to switch without you touching them, then it can suggest that the air filters are clogged. It can also suggest that the airflow is improper and that the thermostat is on a bad setting, which can make your home feel very uncomfortable.

Too Noisy

Lastly, if your heating system is too noisy, then that’s not normal. Your heating system shouldn’t be making squeaking, rattles, wheezes, or rumbling sounds. Those are all signs that there is a mechanical problem and that the airflow has reduced as well as the burner is clogged.

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