Whether it’s summer in Naperville or the dead of winter, you’re going to need a reliable heating and air conditioning system that works efficiently. At Air Repair, we have a heating and air conditioning service that is brand new and we’re very excited to roll out. We would like to introduce to you our ductless heating and air conditioning systems that can now be installed in your home simply. For further information about our heating and air conditioning service, contact Air Repair.

What Is A Ductless Heating And Air Conditioning System?

If you’re wondering how a heating and an air conditioning system can be ductless, then prepare to be impressed. A ductless HVAC system, also known as a mini-split system, is a way to efficiently and consistently provide a room in your home with a temperature that is comfortable. While it’s similar to an HVAC system, it doesn’t use any ducts and is installed in one room. No matter what time of the year it may be, a ductless heating and air conditioning system will provide the room with a comfortable atmosphere. Essentially, this ductless heater and air conditioner are put on the wall as an indoor unit that blends with the outdoor compressor. If there’s a home with a window AC or a baseboard heater, then it can be a great replacement.

The Advantages Of A Ductless System

So what are the pros of this heating and air conditioning service? What can you expect to take advantage of with this ductless system? First, you’ll love how sturdy it is. The ductless system is much less liable to have air leaks and security problems. They are much less visible and audible than a normal HVAC system and they are amazingly energy-efficiently. People absolutely love these systems because of how they help you save on bills and energy. The models that we offer can also go faster or slow down depending on what the system needs. Without the ducts in your HVAC system, you will have a system that’s a lot more effective and keeps the temperature in the room comfortable.

The Comparison Between Ducts And Ductless

So what’s better to take advantage of a normal HVAC system or a ductless one? A few things to consider with a ductless system is the installation cost is far less than an HVAC one. It’s also less when it comes to the control of humidity, which is important since living in Naperville can get a little sticky. However, it’s more when it comes to the ease of zoning, efficiency for operating, and the ease of retrofit. When it comes to a central system, it’s more for an installation, which can be the deciding factor for many people. Keep in mind that often, the ductless systems are used because the window air conditioner needs an upgrade, but these systems are so powerful that they can create comfort for multiple rooms.

Are you considering getting a ductless air and heating system? Contact us for our heating and air conditioning services.