When you come home from a long, summer’s day, you want to settle into a nice, cool atmosphere to decompress. There’s nothing better in the summer than settling into your home with a cold beverage and the BBQ roaring outside cooking your dinner. With the long days of summer before you, you want to make sure that even though it may be hot outside the inside of your home is cool, comfortable, and calm. During any time of the year — summer or not — one of the worst situations that could happen when you come home after a day at work is to find that your air conditioning system — or your heater in the winter — isn’t working properly. Instead of walking into a home that’s comfortably cool, you find yourself starting to feel the sweat drip down your back at the humidity. Your first instinct is to call Air Repair Heating & Air Conditioning to have an expert come to your home and figure out what’s going on with your AC system. You find out from our air conditioning services that your dreaded AC system has a clogged filter…now what?

Three Attributes That Will Go Wrong When Your Air Conditioner Is Clogged

Now that you know what’s wrong with your AC system; what type of situation are you in? What could go wrong with a clogged air conditioner? When you’ve learned that your AC is clogged, then you could be facing a few situations. It might sound like one of those fixes you can put off until you have the appropriate amount of money, but that’s generally not the case. When you put off fixing a clogged air conditioner, you could be looking at a lot more damage in the long run. The attributes below are just a few situations that could go wrong when you’re dealing with an unruly, clogged air conditioner.

Unhealthy Air Quality

When you find out your air conditioner is clogged, it generally means that the air filter has dust, debris, and other tiny particles that have built up over time. The clogged filter will make the air in your home unhealthy. If there are people with chronic allergies in your home, it can cause asthma attacks and other respiratory issues. Additionally, even if you don’t have allergies over a long time of breathing air from a clogged filter it will impact your health.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Frozen evaporator coils are what make your home cool down and if they aren’t taken care of then the AC system will breakdown. When your air conditioner becomes clogged, then the coils can begin to freeze up and damage your air conditioner further. The airflow is hindered and it can’t move, which will ultimately cause the system to breakdown.

Inadequate Cooling

Lastly, inadequate cooling can be caused because of a clogged air conditioner. When your air conditioner is clogged, then the cool air isn’t able to escape. If the air filter is clogged, then the blower fans can’t push the air through the filter, which is what creates the cold air. You’ll end up experiencing different high and low temperatures throughout your home instead of having a consistent air flow through the house.

If your air conditioning system has broken down because of a clogged air conditioner, then it’s time to call an HVAC expert from Air Repair.