Flowers are popping out, baseball is in season, and finally, we can say we’re not going to have to deal with snow for a few months. We know it’s officially summer – or at the very least summer is in a few weeks – so get out those shorts, the barbecue, and turn up the air conditioning. However, when you go turn on the air conditioning – you know the one you haven’t touched since September – and it gives a few puffs… and then dies, you’re going to have to deal with repairing the air conditioner. Thankfully, you remember Air Repair, an HVAC company that offers air conditioning services in the Naperville area. You call us, set up an appointment, and voila! You now have a repaired air conditioner. However, what would’ve happened if there were certain signs that demonstrated that you needed a new air conditioner before it went kaput. What then?

Three Signs It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner

If you aren’t sure what’s going on with your air conditioner or you just turned it on after a long time and it’s making some pretty bizarre sounds, then you might need to join the market of purchasing a new air conditioning system. However, when is it time to purchase a new air conditioning system and when can you just repair it? With these three signs, you’ll know when it’s time to replace your old air conditioner and invest in a new one.

No Cold Air

The first sign you should look out for when you need a new air conditioner is the lack of cold air. This is a very obvious one, but sometimes it can be easy to miss. After all, you turn the AC up, you walk away and then… you don’t notice the lack of cold air blowing out. If you’re experiencing no cold air coming out of your air conditioning system, even when it’s blasting at full power, then that’s a sure sign something isn’t right. With the lack of cold air, you’ll need to seriously repair something in the AC, and sometimes it can be cheaper and easier to purchase a new one.

Strange Sounds & Odors

When you turn the air conditioner on, do you hear some bizarre sounds? What about smelling odd odors? Is your home or office becoming odorous due to your air conditioner? If you hear strange sounds and smell strange odors, then that’s a surefire sign that something isn’t right. First, make sure the smells that are coming from the AC aren’t carbon dioxide or other toxic chemicals. If there is any noise that doesn’t sound like the typical din of your AC kicking on, then there’s something wrong. Second, if there is a foul odor coming from the vent, then there might be a wire burned out. If the smell is musty, then you might be dealing with mold. Strange sounds and odors can be very expensive to fix and sometimes can’t even be repaired.

Weak Air Flow

How’s the air flow? If the air flow is weak or non-existent, then the unit compressor is failing and you’ll need to replace it. Poor air flow can also be attributed to debris being piled up in the vents, but most of the time it’s the lack of air flow due to a broken part in the AC.

If you are experiencing air conditioner issues, then it’s time that you call a reliable air conditioner service.