In Part One, we went over three basic questions about your air conditioner. They varied from how long the A/C will last to maximizing the efficiency of it. Each of these questions can help you have an air conditioning that’s long-lasting and in great condition. In Part Two, we’ll cover a few more frequently asked questions that we get often and that can help you figure out when to call our air conditioning service. If we didn’t cover all of your questions about your HVAC system or our air conditioning services, then don’t hesitate to reach out to get your answers from Air Repair.

Air Conditioning Service FAQs: Get Even More Answers

These three additional questions can help you figure out when you need to reach out to our air conditioning service and how to properly take care of it. As an HVAC company in Naperville, we know how crucial it is to have a home that’s comfortable all year round. Whether it’s the hottest day in July or the coldest day in February, you want an HVAC system that’s working very well for a comfortable atmosphere. Ensure that all of your maintenance questions are addressed when you choose Air Repair.

What Should I Check Before I Call For A Repair?

Calling an air conditioning service for repairs can be time-consuming and a hassle, which is why we understand when people put it off. It’s important to never put HVAC repairs off; however, because you could end up with a much dire issue if you don’t address it head on. For this reason, we often have people ask us when they should call.

Before you begin to worry that you need to spend time and money on HVAC repairs, make sure to check the furnace filter to see if it’s clogged. Then you’ll want to check the air conditioner to make sure it’s on and set to a temperature that will cause the system to begin to cycle. You’ll want to ensure the thermostat is operating efficiently and the batteries have juice. If you notice that the HVAC system seems disconnected or there’s a funny smell, then you’ll want to hire a repair service. For a more in-depth look at HVAC repairs, read The Basics About Air Conditioner Repair and Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner.

How Often Should I Change My Filter?

This is a question that befuddles many people. When is the right time to change your filter? It really comes down to your living situation. If there are a lot of people and pets in your home, then the filter in your air conditioner can be affected differently. Generally, you’ll want to change a filter when it’s clogged or discolored. This can occur between 30 and 90 days or even every two weeks if it’s a hot summer and your air conditioner is running at full blast.

How Do I Take Care Of My Unit If It’s Outside?

Our last question has to do with units that are outside. If your air conditioner is outside, then you’ll want to ensure that it’s clear of leaves, debris, and vegetation. To effectively clean it off, you can try to use a hose to eliminate stray particles of dirt and grime. It’s vital that you keep the unit clean because it’ll limit the exhaust heat and ensure that it runs better.

Make sure that your air conditioner is in great condition when you choose Air Repair.