At Air Repair, we offer furnace maintenance to those in the Naperville, IL, and the surrounding areas. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your heating system is in great condition, especially as we enter into fall and an Illinois winter. At our HVAC company, we provide services that range from preventative maintenance, residential heating services, heater repair, to heating products. Additionally, if you need help with support, then we also offer troubleshooting options and product knowledge. When it comes to HVAC services, Air Repair is here for you as the Top Rated Local® HVAC company in the Naperville, IL, area. For a full list of the areas that we cover, check out our service area.

What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Furnaces

Being a homeowner isn’t just decorating your home and making sure that it looks good — it’s also making sure that it works well. Being aware of the little intricacies of your home is what makes it work properly together. For instance, if your air conditioner isn’t working in the summer, then there’s a chance that your heater won’t be working as we head into winter. Having a furnace that works is imperative when winter closes in around Naperville. Additionally, a properly working furnace eliminates the danger of being too cold in your home, so it’s vital that you know everything that you need to as a homeowner when it comes to your heating system. Here are some tips that every homeowner should know when it comes to heating your home with a furnace.

Replace The Filters

Every homeowner should know that you need to replace the filters for your furnace. It’s important that you don’t assume that the homeowners before you replaced the filters. If you’ve just moved into your house, then it can be easy to think that the people who lived in your home before replaced the filters. However, that’s not always the case. No matter how old your home may be, it’s vital that you replace the filters. If you’re the first people to live in your home, then the contractors may have created a less than ideal environment due to drying paint, drywall, and other materials. Once you move into a place, you’ll want to replace the HVAC air filters so that the system works as it should and circulates the air throughout your home.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance And Inspections

Another tip every homeowner should know is to schedule preventative maintenance and an inspection with a professional. At Air Repair, we offer preventative maintenance services that will keep your HVAC system in great shape. We strongly encourage all of our customers to schedule an appointment with us about preventative maintenance. Working with a professional HVAC company about HVAC preventative maintenance will help your system work better and for longer because you’re taking care of all the small issues before they become larger.

Know About The Warranty

As a homeowner, you should know about the warranty on your HVAC system. By knowing the details of your warranty, you can comfortably heat or cool down your home. You’ll want to pay attention to the details to know about the period of coverage and the different types of repairs that the warranty covers. The previous homeowner may have not hired a licensed professional to complete the annual maintenance, so it’s vital that you know the warranty to ensure that it’s not voided. If you still can take advantage of the warranty, then we urge you to be mindful of DIY repairs, not using approved replacement parts, and not hiring a professional for maintenance and inspection services.

Learn To Use The Thermostat

Next, you’ll want to learn to use the thermostat to maximize the efficiency of it. Learning how to use the thermostat may be something that you assume you’ll know, but it can be the difference between spending a lot a month of heating and cooling and just a few dollars. You’ll want to program the thermostat, if possible, to maximize the use of it all year round. Take the time to check out the thermostat and the various settings to keep your home warm or cool during the appropriate seasons. To save money and energy, you’ll also want to learn the comfortable temperatures while you’re on vacation or asleep. Remember, you can always ask an HVAC professional to learn the best temperature settings.

Educate Yourself About Energy-Saving Tactics

Lastly, we urge you to learn some energy-saving tactics to keep your bill low and your home warm. As a homeowner, you want to make sure your home is comfortable, but you don’t want to look at a bill that costs you quite a bit of money. Some energy-saving tactics are making sure all of the windows are closed, that the sealing around the windows and doors are not letting in any air, and keeping your home at a sensible temperature. There are many other ways to save energy, so take the time to educate yourself.

Pre-Season Furnace Maintenance

Pre-season furnace maintenance starts toward the end of summer. This beneficial option helps to keep your home comfortable before you even need to turn on the heater. If you want to make sure that your furnace is working properly, then pre-season maintenance on your furnace can be a beneficial option for many residences. Pre-season furnace maintenance involves making sure that your HVAC system is operating appropriately.

You’ll want an HVAC professional to check the many different compartments of the furnace to ensure the system is in great condition. We will check the electrical connections and tighten if needed, lubricate the moving parts in the system, check to see if the furnace is properly ignited and can shut off and run properly, and we’ll check to see if the thermostat and the furnace are communicating efficiently. Pre-season checks are meant to ensure your heating system is working well and all of the fuel connections, burner combustion, heating exchanger, and the gas pressure is working efficiently and won’t cause health or fire hazards.